Party Decorations – Use Your Imagination and Have Fun!

Party decorations are so much fun. They are your opportunity to be creative. There are no rules that tell you what to do or how to do it. Your imagination is the limit. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

One of the easiest things to use to decorate any type of party is crepe paper. Choose the color that goes with the theme of your party, and cut the crepe paper into the widths that you want to use. You can use one color or you can use two colors. If you choose to use two colors, you can do it with separate strips of each color, or you can put the two colors together. Twist the strips and hang them up.

Balloons are another decoration that are easy to use. You can choose colors that will complement the theme. There are several things you can do. Use just one color, use all light pastel colors, use two colors, like green and red for a Christmas party, or use all of the colors. There are balloons with special messages that are fun, too.

Once you have the streamers and balloons in place, you will need to add the other decorations. These can be purchased online in party stores or at a local party store near you. If you want to save money, you can make your own decorations. There are numerous web sites online that have decoration ideas for every kind of party imaginable.

Be sure to include your plates, napkins and glasses as part of your decorations, too. They can go along with the theme, or you can choose a solid color that looks nice with the other decorations. You may want to purchase a special tablecloth. It, too, can be party themed or a solid color.

Choose your party theme, and begin to make your plans. Use your imagination for your decorations and make it a party that everyone will remember.

Christian Home Decor – Great Inspirational Ideas to Decorate With a Purpose

If new friends walked into your home, would they be able to tell whether you are a Christian or not? Look around your living room, kitchen, hallways, and bathroom walls and shelves. Are you using every opportunity to inspire your guests and encourage your family? Do your family members know your favorite verses? Decorating your home with an inspirational decor theme gives testimony of your faith and confidence to your family members.

Adding accents to your walls is one of the easiest ways to start a decor theme on faith. Metal decorative crosses will fit the decor in most rooms of the house and may accentuate small or large areas for emphasis. Some decorators have covered entire walls or unusually shaped spaces with their collection of many types of crosses. Designer crosses can also be used to pick up an accent color while ornate crosses give contrast to straight lines. One of a kind, original cross art pieces serve as a focal point of interest and make comfortable conversation starters; artwork such as stained glass crosses, crosses as a sconce, or the very large crosses with a clock centerpiece. Although some do, most decor crosses do not have any inscription on them. The cross itself is symbolic of the Christian faith and has its own powerful nonverbal message.

Another way to emphasize a faith decor theme is to hang or display Christian framed art. Popular Christian framed art usually includes an encouraging scripture that is visually illustrated, matted and beautifully framed. Traditional art enthusiasts favor calligraphy of the Ten Commandments, Psalms 23 or an awe inspiring landscape with an ornate European frame. Contemporary decorators enjoy the cleaner black frame lines and neutral or pastel mats, soft photographs, and 3-D shadowboxes with a cluster of wallpaper floral patterns. Scripture verses are in the forefront, not overpowering, but compatible to the art presentation. One word plaques, such as LOVE or HOPE, balanced with an ivy plant and a tall decorative candle make a warm table top or ledge display. One can find or create a variety of inspirational artwork groupings that will match personal d├ęcor style and needs.

For your family, the benefits of having faith decor are tremendous. If you say that you are a Christian home, but your home is like any other, what is the difference? Your young child can learn the Ten Commandments and the Fruits of the Spirit because he sees these verses often on the colorful picture posters on his wall. The middle school child gains confidence that God loves her when she reads her name personalized with verses of God’s promises by each letter. Teenagers are reminded to put on the Armor of God before facing the world when they see these Ephesians verses posted above the car keys. You will even think twice before gossiping if a small calligraphy art piece is by the phone reminding you that the words of your mouth should be honorable. In the foyer or living room, your children are secure in knowing from a metal plaque, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” The fact that you add Christian art to your home decor at all, speaks volumes as to where your family stands on matters of faith.

With the purpose of inspiration, your faith decor may be an instrument in sharing God’s love with others and a tool in strengthening your family’s faith in God. Christian art decor does not make the Christian, but it will heighten the awareness of the value that is placed on internalizing scriptures as a part of a daily Christian walk.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Using decorative concrete resurfacing is a wonderful way to make your house more attractive and sophisticated looking, without incurring much expense at all. In fact, decorative concrete resurfacing is an extremely affordable way to spruce up your home, and many of the decorative concrete resurfacing options available today are so nice that most people can’t even tell the design was done with concrete.

Some decorative concrete resurfacing is designed to specifically mimic some other natural stone form. You can use decorative concrete resurfacing on your driveway for instance, to make it appear as if it’s made of a pretty brick design. Decorative concrete resurfacing is also used to create designs which look like old castle stone, or cobble stones too.

Decorative concrete resurfacing is also used indoors quite often, because it can be used to create the look of marble for instance. Decorative concrete resurfacing can even be used as a way to create expensive looking tile designs too, all made out of concrete.

Another type of decorative concrete resurfacing is done just by using colored tints in the concrete. If for instance, you want to resurface the concrete of the walkway to your home, but you don’t want the drab gray color that’s usually seen with concrete, you could use a colored tint in your concrete such as blue, white, green, mauve, or whatever you’d like.

The decorative concrete resurfacing could match your primary house color if you’d like, or it could match the grass yard, or match the decorative paint trim color on your house instead. Using tinted decorative concrete resurfacing is a versatile, easy, and affordable decorating option for almost any concrete surface need.

Some people like decorative concrete surfacing that’s simply a texture instead of a specific color or design. Around your swimming pool for instance, you might decide to have a decorative textured concrete resurface done to both beautify the pool and make it safer too. Since the decorative concrete resurfacing will be rough in texture, it will make the area much less slippery when wet.

Some people love to use decorative concrete resurfacing inside the kitchen particularly, because it allows them to create extremely strong, sturdy kitchen counter tops which are very beautiful looking. Decorative concrete surfacing in the kitchen can end up looking like you have solid wood block counters, solid marble counters, or almost anything else you’d like.

Another way to use decorative concrete surfacing is on the floor inside your home too. Since the decorative concrete surfacing techniques can make the surface look like almost anything you desire, such as cobblestone, expensive tiles, mosaics and even murals, you can end up with a beautiful and unique floor inside your home that will stand the wear of time.

Surfaces created with decorative concrete resurfacing techniques can be treated in various ways too. If you had decorative concrete resurfacing done on the floors of your home in a mosaic tile design for instance, you should have a nice glossy finish coat put on the design to both help the floor stay looking new longer, and to help the floor look even more decorative too.