Tips in Cleaning Mouthwash Stains on Your Carpet

If you have a carpet in your home, you surely must have carpet cleaning as one of the most important tasks that you have to do regularly. This is because cleaning the carpet entails a lot of hard work and effort. Carpets are great to have in your home but if you don’t know how to clean it properly then it can get dirty and filthy in a jiffy.

Carpets are exposed to all sorts of cleaning problems. Among the most troublesome cleaning problems are having all kinds of spills get on the carpet fibers. One such spill which can be problematic is having mouthwash get spilled all over the carpet resulting in a very ugly stain that is hard to remove.

While mouthwash is great in keeping your breath fresh and minty, it does nothing other than make your carpet look unattractive if you accidentally cause a big spill all over it. Mouthwash stains are tough to clean up but surely it is not something which doesn’t have a solution. If you are facing a mouthwash stain on your carpet, here are the steps that you should do in order to eliminate it completely.

• Clear up the spill on your carpet immediately – This entails removing all the loose objects and excess liquid on the carpet. Get the mouthwash bottle as soon as you can to prevent further spills and then get a paper towel and carefully absorb the spilled liquid on the carpet. Make sure you don’t rub the spill as it will only cause more problems and make it tougher to clean up.
• Next, get the materials which you will use to create a cleaning solution for the stain. You will need a teaspoon of clear ammonia and a cup of warm water. Mix the two ingredients and place the resulting solution inside a spray bottle and bring it over to the stained area of the carpet.
• Spray the mouthwash stains a couple of times using the spray bottle and then allow the cleaning solution to set for a couple of minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth or some paper towels and begin blotting the affected portion of the carpet.
• Continue doing this step until the entire mouthwash stain is removed. You may need to reapply some cleaning solution every now and then as you continue blotting the area.
• After you have cleaned up the stain, rinse the carpet with some clean water to flush out any residue. Then, dry the carpet completely using clean towels or rags.

12 Amazing Easy Tips to Clean Your Bathroom

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom. Nobody even likes to talk about cleaning the bathroom. But since it’s the room we start and end each day by cleaning ourselves and sitting on the royal throne a few times each day, it’s imperative that your bathroom is as clean as it could possibly be. If all your attempts so far simply haven’t been good enough, then this article will help you keep your bathroom in the highest level of quality as possible. Here we have gathered some useful toilet cleaning hacks you’ve most likely never heard about. Give these a try and you will be surprised.

1. Alka-Seltzer
Alka-Seltzer will help you clean your toilet in just three minutes! You will be pleasantly surprised as to how Alka-Seltzer, an effervescent antacid and pain reliever, can be used to clean a bathroom. Drop two tablets into the toilet bowl, leaving the acidic bubbling to work its baffling enchantment. When you return, with a couple of swipes with the toilet brush, your porcelain will return to as good as new. Then flush and you’re done!

2. Gatorade
Calcium and lime buildup in your latrine can make it look… well, out-and-out gross. Grab a bottle of Gatorade and dump it into your toilet. Truly, how easy could that be? Watch this amazing video of Gatorade dissolving hard water build up!

3. Coffee Filter
Did you know that a coffee filter can be used to clean your bathroom mirrors? Yes, it works! Since coffee filters are lint-free, they are an awesome contrasting option to paper towels for sparkling up your bathroom mirrors. Simply spray your favorite brand of glass cleaner and wipe with the coffee filter.

4. Black Tea
This is just so simple. Brew a pot of tea, use a clean, lint-less cloth, and give a quick wipe of tea over the mirror. It’s as simple as that and the mirrors will look wonderful. Just like new.

5. Soap
Who would think that soap can be used to clean your bathroom? Yes it can!! But this tip is to use soap to help prevent your mirrors from fogging up after a hot, steamy shower. Simply take a bar of soap, rub it gently throughout your mirror, wipe off the excess, and bid farewell to mirror fog for days.

6. Baking Soda and Vinegar
You can clear bathroom drains with baking soda and vinegar. Remember that volcano experiment we did in grade school? Well, it’s always nice to recreate memories and now you can do that in your bathroom drains, in the shower, and even in the sink. Simply pour a cup of baking soda down the drain together with a cup of vinegar. Then put a soggy washcloth or cover over the drain and let the mixture bubble away, destroying the gunk that is blocking your water from draining. Wait for 15 minutes, then pour a pot of boiling hot water down the drain to flush it.

7. Salt and Lemon
When rust has developed around the drain of your sink or tub, head to the kitchen and grab salt and a large lemon. Close the drain and squeeze some lemon juice around the rusty areas. Then add enough salt to form a glue. Leave it sitting for a couple of hours and, afterwards, wipe off the glue and the rust away.

8. Salt and Grapefruit
Not only is it delicious but it is very useful too and comes in handy when you want to get rid of the nasty soap scums without using any harsh chemicals. Simply sprinkle some salt on a halved grapefruit and use it to scrub your bath tub.

9. Vinegar
Previously, vinegar was mentioned but that was for drains. Vinegar can also be used to get rid of the scaly buildup on your shower head. Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar then wrap it around the shower head, tie it with a rubber band or string and let it sit overnight. Next morning, the hard water buildup on your shower head will be gone and you’ll have a more powerful stream of water for your shower.

10. Aspirin
Aspirin can accomplish more than calming a headache. Simply dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin in a glass of warm water and this solution can be used to give an incredible look to your countertop.

11. Baby oil
Have you ever wondered how to clean your faucets? Put some baby oil on a clean, dry cloth. Wipe your faucets with it until dry and you’ll see a wonderful mirror effect from your faucets.

12. Hydrogen Peroxide
If you ever wondered how to clean grout lines in your bathroom? Simply pour hydrogen peroxide onto your bathroom floor’s grout lines. Allow it to sit and then scrub with a stiff brush.

Custom Home Design Tips: Choosing the Right Designer

Whether or not you have already purchased a lot that your custom home plans must be designed around, following the tips we’ve gathered below will ensure that your custom home designs will produce the house of your dreams.

1. Establish excellent communication.

Poor communication can ruin a set of custom house plans. For instance, if your architect doesn’t really understand what you want in your custom home designs, you could end up with a custom built home that you don’t actually enjoy. Alternatively, you could be shocked to see your “custom” plan in a new housing development. (Some architects turn their best custom plans into generic, widely available floor plans.) Avoid both of these unsavory outcomes by clearly outlining what your custom home plans should include, and whether or not you’re comfortable with your custom design being tweaked into a universal house plan.

2. Choose a designer with experience working with similar properties.

If you’ve already purchased the land for your dream home, ensure that your designer has background in working with your type of property. For instance, while a steeply sloped lot often offers up the best views, it also poses unique design challenges.

3. Check that your architect has liability insurance.

Accidents do happen – that’s why insurance was invented. If something doesn’t come out right in your custom home design, liability insurance can cover rebuilding costs or other unanticipated expenses. Professional engineers and designers carry insurance to defend their customers against expensive errors. Make sure your custom home plans come from a designer with liability insurance.

4. Zoom in on the details.

A complete set of custom home plans will include enough information to facilitate construction. Contractors must be able to quickly find details on dimensions, materials, and building techniques. Unclear floor plans will bring all sorts of problems. Expensive errors often occur because contractors can’t read or find the necessary details on a set of custom home plans. The last thing you want is a carpenter or plumber making guesses as to what your custom home designs intend. Work with an architect that includes plenty of construction details on the home plans.

5. Ensure building code and state certification compliance.

Federal and local building legislation is always changing. If your custom home design doesn’t follow these building guidelines, city officials could reject it and you’ll face more expenses to bring your design “up to code.” Because this is such an important issue, be up-front about it with your designer. Ask about how they ensure code compliance, and check with previous customers to make sure the city approval process went off without a hitch. One final bit of due diligence: Check that your architect or designer is professionally certified with your state. If any red flags come up during this investigation, select a different architect. Otherwise, you could be stuck with home plans that can’t actually be built.

6. Select an architect whose style matches yours.

Doctors specialize in bodily systems; writers specialize in different types of communication; architects specialize in different design styles. Be sure that your designer has experience producing the type of home you prefer. For instance, if you like the Tudor style, you should choose a designer who has produced lovely custom houses in this design mode. Don’t expect a Frank Lloyd Wright lover to suddenly switch to a Tuscan approach.

Popular Bathroom Vanities And Cabinets For All Your Toiletry Needs

Home owners who wish to get their bathroom revamped either for renovation purposes or you think that your bathroom needs a complete overhaul will be on the hunt for popular bathroom vanities and cabinets that is able to meet their toiletry needs. Here’s what they will need to look out for.

Needs To Look Good

No one wants to buy bathroom vanities that look outdated or run down. People want something that looks good. Modern, contemporary and with clean lines. Most home owners love to have a wooden theme for their bathrooms. Hence some of the best selling bathroom vanities are made from high quality wood such as rubber wood or solid oak. Whether they are looking for single or double sink bathroom vanities, at the end of the day, they are looking for a complete makeover in style and interior design for their bathrooms.

Place To Store Bathroom Supplies

Now other than making your bathroom look awesome, the bathroom vanities and cabinets that you intend to purchase needs to be spacious enough for you to store your bathroom supplies. These are usually towels. Depending on your family or personal needs, they could range from face and hand towels to bath towels. Other than these, you will need to consider where to place your usual toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, dental floss and all the other little items that you would normally want to use in the bathroom. Having all these in one location will save you the hassle of looking for them else where in the house.

Good Quality And Quiet

Now if your bathroom vanities need to come with quite a number of drawers, you may want to see whether they are made to close quietly. The good quality ones have a self-closing mechanism where they will lock back into place just with a slight push. Other than that, you may want to allocate some space to store all the bathroom cleaning supplies. Everything should be self contained either in the vanities or in cabinets for easier retrieval. Basically, home owners are looking for both style and convenience. And it all needs to fit properly in the bathroom so that it does not look crammed up but that space is wisely utilized.


So be wise when it comes to choosing your type of bathroom vanities. You want to make sure that it not only looks good and stylish but that it is able to meet all your toiletry needs properly.