General Safety Tips To Stay Safe While Installing An Electrical Panel

Electrical panels have the core function to provide a constant supply of energy to all the sub circuits and it is essential to keep the safety notes at the time you install the device as to avoid any electrical hazard later. Thus, before you go to install the device, it is important to go through these points and ensure the proper safety of the whole system.

Tips To Stay Safe While Installing The Electrical Panel:-

  • Avoid Water – The water and electricity can never be together at the application, despite the fact electricity is generated from water. It is important to be on the safe side than curing the pain later. While you install the system, remember to keep it high enough from the reach of water. The equipment and circuit should have distance from the water as it increases the conductivity of electrical current.
  • Prevent Shocks – Apart from keeping the equipment away from the water, you should also pay attention to the bare wires. Uncovered wires are the main cause of electric current as if you touch the end by mistake. You can cover these ends with a cap so the insulator eliminates the direct contact with the copper and prevents getting a shock.
  • Check For Live Wires – Energized wires are the dangerous to death and checking for such wires regularly while working is better to save yourself from the hazards. Never assume that electrical equipment is uncharged even when left isolated for a long time. While installing the panel, check twice for any energized wires as to avoid the problems and to ensure there is no current running through them.
  • Overload Protection – The main reason of blasting of the panel is over loading and avoiding this point helps you to prevent the damages as well as danger to life. At the time, you install the panel for your industry, calculate the voltage requirement, and add a 25% surplus in that so you can be prepared for the next installations and you will not end up installing the device over again for every additional equipment.
  • Equipment Reliability – The electrical panel is designed to provide constant supply of power from the main circuits to the sub circuits. It necessary to maintain a good ratio of voltage supply with the basic requirements, therefore, always you should always remember to keep an eye on the ideal ratio to avoid any problems. If anytime you feel the panel tingly feeling, disconnect it as sooner as possible and stop using that at the time.

Learn How Solar Electricity Works

You already know what solar electricity is and to say the least, it has sparked interest for this rapidly growing study on the usage of the sun for purposes other than getting a perfect tan. So you’ve read about its definition, basic terminologies, advantages and disadvantages. But more than anything, you have to learn how solar electricity works and why it’s gaining so much attention at this point in time.

Solar electricity, having been dubbed as the most natural way of acquiring energy, gets its power from the brightest, hottest star known to man. No, I do not mean Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. The sun’s power could be converted into usable energy that can be used for household appliances, work equipments and machines and, because of man’s thorough want to invent super cool items everyday, even automobiles have joined in on all the rage!

But still the question of how solar electricity works has not yet been answered. Well, sit on tight because we’re getting there right about now.

First, solar panels are built on the roof of a construction. This construction could be your very own house or your company’s building. These solar panels, also called solar cells, are equipped with photovoltaic cells (or solar cells) which allow for the conversion of the ray of sunlight into actual DC power. If you’re wondering what would happen if the heat of the sun was gone, then don’t fret. Solar panels work with light and not heat. So as long as the sun is shining brightly at the earth, the solar panels are still very much good to go.

The said DC power, or direct current, acquired by the solar panels still need to be converted as it is not equivalent to the same kind of power we get from our local electrical company. Hence, an inverter is needed to transform the DC into AC power, or alternating current, which is pretty much the same with what we consume for the usage of our appliances. AC power is what allows us to use our equipments without hassle. In simple terms, AC power basically keeps most of our technology alive, literally.

After the DC power has been converted to AC, the inverter, which is connected to your home’s electrical panel or breaker box acquires the newly available AC power and sends it to supply the needed electricity for the usage of your household appliances or work equipments.

When excess AC power is obtained, the utility grid will become its “safety” place until the power is needed. Also, if the solar system produces more solar electricity, your electrical meter spins backwards making your electrical bill lower than usual. In no time, you were able to make solar electricity – environment-friendly at that, and even got to spare some cash. If that’s not great, I don’t know what is.

Learning how solar electricity works doesn’t just add to the list of what we know but tells us of its importance and value especially during this time that the environment is mostly at risk because of our irresponsible doings. Knowledge of how solar electricity works enables us not only to understand but also apply these for the betterment not just of our lives but also of the whole world as well.

Non Electric Treadmill

Treadmills come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. The types of treadmills mainly fall into two categories, these two are the electric treadmills or the non electrical treadmills. The electric treadmills are those which require an electrical power source. These treadmills are generally bigger in size, heavier but more sturdy and can take more weight. They will take up more space in your home and will be harder to shift around. These electric treadmills are however more expensive than the non electric or manual treadmills.

The focus of this article however is on the non electric or manual treadmills. These treadmills do not require an electrical power source. This is because it is manually powered. Do you know that in early history before the treadmill was created, there actually existed the “treadwheel”. This was actually something similar to the present day non electric treadmill, just that it was an instrument used to reform offenders in prison. The offenders would be required to power these treadwheels, just like those pet hamsters you see running on their hamster wheels. These treadwheels were subsequently used by hospitals to check if a person was suffering from heart and lung disease.

Later, people realized that these equipment could be used as a good form of exercise and found out the benefits of running walking and jogging and how aerobic exercise can improve blood circulation and strengthen the heart. Hence the non electric treadmill was born (and only later when people realized that they could supply electrical power to get electric treadmills and also add on computers to track heart rate and customize work out programs, the electric treadmill was born).

If you are thinking since now we have the electric treadmill, what good would the non electric treadmills be right now? Isn’t it better to buy an electric treadmill? Like I earlier mentioned, non electric treadmills are cheaper than electric ones hence if you are on a tight budget but would want to buy a treadmill to exercise then a non electric treadmill would be a good choice. There are also other benefits of a non electric treadmill. They are usually smaller and easily assembled and shifted around. They also require more energy to operate as they are not electrically powered, hence you actually work out more to power the treadmill machine as well as to work against the friction of the treadmill. Thus you get to burn more calories and get to save the earth at the same time, since the non electric treadmill is more environmentally friendly!