Unfinished Wood Floors Sanding – An Overview

There will most likely come a time when refinishing the surface of the wooden floors in your home becomes necessary. In this article, you will learn more about the significance of each of the processes involved when it comes to the unfinished wood floors sanding. This is important because a better understanding of the processes can spell the difference between the success and the failure of the sanding for the surface of your floor.

If you are prepared to make the wooden flooring in your home look as good as new, you may ask the contractors to perform the following set of procedures: (1) staining; (2) sanding; and (3) applying finishing touches to the surface of the floor. The contractors should be ready to move out all of the pieces of furniture in the room where they will perform the unfinished wood floors sanding. After this, the contractors will need to remove the top layer of the flooring that previously sealed the surface from environmental elements. This phase may take up to around eight hours to finish.

If you want to retain the shade of the flooring, the contractors may be forced to perform additional sanding and finishing for the wooden surface. This especially holds true if the surface of the floor has been previously bombarded with lots of scratches and gouges that peek on the surface. For this task, the contractors will use numerous types of sandpaper with different degrees of roughness.

Once the surface of the floor has been stripped of chemicals and other coatings, the contractors may then apply the new shade for your floor. Ideally, you should have discussed this matter with the team even before you appointed them to visit your home for the renovation. Stains are the tinting substances of choice for the contractors. Compared to the sanding phase, the contractors can finish this job more easily. However, the drying process may take up most of the time for the flooring surface.

If you think the surface of the floor will only require minor changes, you may ask your contractors to perform screening and finishing for the surface. However, you should take note that the procedures will not readily strip off the top coat of the flooring once the procedures have been performed on the surface. This may also include the blotches and other forms of stains that may be present on the surface. As soon as the contractors have finished their screening tasks, you may then behold the appearance of the newly sanded flooring.

These are just some of the things that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to unfinished wood floors sanding, as far as the steps in the entire task are concerned. You are not encouraged to perform by yourself any of the procedures mentioned above because these typically require the proper knowledge and skills that will ensure the procedures are executed properly and efficiently. Also, the procedures will require the contractors to make use of specialized equipment.