Non Electric Treadmill

Treadmills come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. The types of treadmills mainly fall into two categories, these two are the electric treadmills or the non electrical treadmills. The electric treadmills are those which require an electrical power source. These treadmills are generally bigger in size, heavier but more sturdy and can take more weight. They will take up more space in your home and will be harder to shift around. These electric treadmills are however more expensive than the non electric or manual treadmills.

The focus of this article however is on the non electric or manual treadmills. These treadmills do not require an electrical power source. This is because it is manually powered. Do you know that in early history before the treadmill was created, there actually existed the “treadwheel”. This was actually something similar to the present day non electric treadmill, just that it was an instrument used to reform offenders in prison. The offenders would be required to power these treadwheels, just like those pet hamsters you see running on their hamster wheels. These treadwheels were subsequently used by hospitals to check if a person was suffering from heart and lung disease.

Later, people realized that these equipment could be used as a good form of exercise and found out the benefits of running walking and jogging and how aerobic exercise can improve blood circulation and strengthen the heart. Hence the non electric treadmill was born (and only later when people realized that they could supply electrical power to get electric treadmills and also add on computers to track heart rate and customize work out programs, the electric treadmill was born).

If you are thinking since now we have the electric treadmill, what good would the non electric treadmills be right now? Isn’t it better to buy an electric treadmill? Like I earlier mentioned, non electric treadmills are cheaper than electric ones hence if you are on a tight budget but would want to buy a treadmill to exercise then a non electric treadmill would be a good choice. There are also other benefits of a non electric treadmill. They are usually smaller and easily assembled and shifted around. They also require more energy to operate as they are not electrically powered, hence you actually work out more to power the treadmill machine as well as to work against the friction of the treadmill. Thus you get to burn more calories and get to save the earth at the same time, since the non electric treadmill is more environmentally friendly!